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The Dental Laboratory

At Diamond Dental Studios the on site Dental Laboratory provides an unrivalled level of interaction with the Dentist's and Clinician's that few other Dental Clinics can provide.  Whereas normal clinic's have to send there work and information to laboratory's which are either overseas or a great distance away at Diamond dental Studios some of the best Dental Technicians in the country a literally a few feet away.  This close co-operation and teamwork often means that something that would take days or weeks to resolve is resolved in minutes. 

The Dental Laboratory has access to all of the latest technology and it means the dental team can take full advantage of this. This ever evolving technology is constantly being updated and integrated into what we like to call the dental team system whereby the latest enhancements and improvements are carried across to you the patient meaning a better product delivered more rapidly and efficiently.The advantage the clinic has by having access directly to a fully equipped Dental Laboratory cannot be under estimated and we are one of very few clinics in the UK to be able to offer this symbiotic relationship between the two which means you the patient gets the best service available.


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