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Tooth coloured fillings are a great alternative or replacement, for silver amalgam fillings. The filling will be matched to your own personal tooth colour so fillings will become unnoticeable, giving you a more natural smile.


Composite fillings can be used to restore small to medium sized cavities and chipped teeth and require less preparation to the tooth compared to an amalgam filling, removing only the damaged part of the tooth. Composite fillings can be completed in one visit. Once the decay is removed from the tooth, it is filled with this composite material and left to harden immediately afterwards

Prices from £195






Porcelain/Ceramic fillings (Inlay/Onlay) are used to repair the large chewing surface of a back tooth or to mend larger cavities where a conventional  composite filling wouldn’t be strong enough. These are made bespoke in the lab so require 2 appointments. However as everything is made on-site in our laboratory porcelain fillings can be made and fitted within a couple of days. 

Prices from £550



If you have tooth decay; suspect you may need a filling; or would like an old filling replaced

 Give us a call on 01392 829908 for a consultation

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