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Due to the current situation in the UK with Covid-19, Diamond Dental has followed the guidelines produced by the British Dental Association and the Chief Dental Officer and we continue to do so.


We can now offer dental services under the new regulations – You can call the practice on 01392-829908 and we will guide you through the procedures to get an appointment and answer all your questions. You will be advised of the documents you need to complete and the guidelines you need to adhere to.

All our procedures will be carried out under the new guidlines and we will update and keep you informed of everything you need to be aware of.  

As you can understand the role of the dentist and dental clinic has changed dramatically and we have adapted to provide the best solutions possible for all our patients.  We will continue to do so within the confines of the new regulations which may mean a new way of operating but even with the new guidelines we will now be able to meet your dental needs in a speedy and safe manner. 


We would like to thank our patients for supporting us in these challenging times and we wish you all the best.  


The Diamond Dental Team

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